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Agriculture Services

Over the years, staff of Orcas Global has discovered gaps in product and service provision to stakeholders of agriculture sector. We are determined to closing gaps that exist along the value chains of farming. We provide innovative services such as e-marketing of farm produce, B2B linkages, agro inputs and mechanization services that are hard to access. One of our innovative products is AgroClinic, through this innovation; we provide extension services to communities. We therefore in communal spirit amongst farmers provide each farmer the newest of technologies and innovations discovered by renowned public and international agriculture institutions in Ghana. We are through this service innovation determined to close therefore determined to fill the farmer – extension gap. By providing this innovative service to all farmers, we contribute to cutting down state expenditure which otherwise would have been used to recruit and pay extension agents. Orcas Global also is a repository of agriculture research information. We update stakeholders on latest best practices in the agricultural industry. Individuals who want to go into farming but lack adequate knowledge on how to till the soil is provide the needed knowledge. Research indicates that the quality of seeds and farm produce in general depends on the preparation and storage processes. We therefore support farmers from harvesting to marketing. We also sell storage sacks at affordable prices. Our storage materials provide aeration for uncompromised quality seeds and produce nutrient. Through FBOs and CBOs, we render tractor services to individual farmers with flexible payment terms. Orcas Global offers a stop shop agriculture mechanization services using the framework of Conservation Agriculture principles.

Orcas Consult

We assist individuals to set up their own business. Our experience staff aids potential business individuals from scratch to making money in their business area of interest. We assist from Business Idea Conception to Operationalization of the concept. Just walk into our office and our consultants shall crystalize your idea. Once our staff understand your concern and arrive at a consensus with what you are looking for, we deliver fully package that contains for instance your Business Profile, Registration, Core values and By-laws, required “soft” accounting books for proper bookkeeping etc. We also do Business Assets Valuation for you to know whether your business is growing or not for informed decision making. Having won a project or gotten funding to run an activity and not sure of how to setup your administrative structure, is where we come in handy. We therefore provide the following services

Business Plans Review 

 Our business plan review service is a blunt, detailed and customized cover-to-cover analysis of your existing business plan to help you take it to the next level.

The cover-to-cover business plan review provides extensive, blunt and highly customized suggestions to instantly improve your business plan. Our business plan consultants will read your plan and provide honest and insightful suggestions to help you revise your plan to the standards expected by high-level investors and lenders. ORCAS Consult’s business plan review includes:

  • Section-by-section critique and expect analysis of your business plan.
  • Lists of suggestions that your business plan does not address – but must.
  • Suggestions and insights to help you answer each question successfully.
  • Personalized write-up covering the critical areas for you to achieve business plan success.
  • Customized business plan outline that strengthens and organizes your entire plan.
  • Our passion and enthusiasm for improving and preparing business plans – it is all we do.

Project Evaluations and Baseline Surveys 

ORCAS GLOBAL do project evaluations for organizations, we do a systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project. With the aim to determine the relevance and level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. We also conduct baseline surveys to determine the impact of a project before it starts

Business plan and Proposal development

ORCAS GLOBAL business plans consulting service results in the development of a full length investor-ready business plan that we prepare with you from cover to cover. From real estate, to Internet, to manufacturing, to recreation, to transportation, to farming and everything in between, ORCAS Consult works with you to prepare a business plan that is customized for your company’s specific needs

Cooperate training in project and conflict management

ORCAS Global also help train cooperate organization on project management, we help staff on projects to become proficient in project management , we do this by taking participant through the life cycle of a project , process and the knowledge areas needed to execute a project  we also train organizations on how to manage conflicts effectively in their organizations.


Help students with their Project work


 We also help student to carry out their project thesis right from the beginning to the end of the thesis.

We do the following for students. Helping you select your topic, Proposal writing, Data collection and data Analysis

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