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Mr. Imran Asiagodo holds an HND (Higher National Diploma) in Agricultural Engineering from Tamale Polytechnic, with a Post-harvest option. After graduation he was posted to Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) Bole as an Extension officer on a National Service duty. During his stay, Mr. Imran Asiagodo used varieties of educational methods to deliver a training on the District Food Security Networks (DFSNs) a program facilitated by Care International. He built capacity of poor farmers more effectively and inclusively through a suitable capacity-building method in most of the communities in Bole; Recruit, train, and develop lay leaders for commercial Potato farming. He also responded to client’s requests for specific information and technical assistance and maintained public relations during the 2015 Farmer’s Day celebrations.

Mr. Imran Asiagodo was later recruited by Ghana Agriculture Sector Investment Program (GASIP) as an enumerator under the research on how Climate Change has affected farmers. On this assignment, he participated in a scheduled field debriefing activity. Discusses with the supervisor challenges during fieldwork. Submitted all activities log reports to central servers for assessment on how to curb relevance problem in each community. 

He is also a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) Tamale Premier, which is a non-profit organization  made up of  young active citizens ready to make an impact in their communities. He was part of the event and welfare committee which was to ensure all programs of JCI were timey, efficiently and effectively carried according to its planned Schedules.

Mr. Imran Asiagodo has a strong written and oral communication skills as well as good interpersonal skills. He gained life skills and worldly knowledge that cannot be taught in a classroom or learned sitting at a desk, from spending his days helping his Aunt at her Mini mart. My enthusiasm, high energy level, and great multitasking abilities keeps everyone a